Contract Auditing

Who’s watching the numbers for you?

We spot and correct mistakes in contract pricing.

Trust, but verify.

With our high-performing distributor and manufacturer partners, mistakes in contract delivery – the wrong pricing, a higher markup – are uncommon. But they do happen. And when they do, they can be hard to find and fix. That’s why Optimized Hospitality offers auditing services, such as contract auditing services.


To help you make sure you’re getting what you’re promised in your contracts, Optimized Hospitality regularly audits purchases. Count on us to see to it that you’re being charged correctly. We work directly with our partners to quickly correct any discrepancies and ensure you get credited in a timely manner.

All without any hassle for you and your team.

Small discrepancies can add up to big damage.

Protect your business with the vigilance of the Optimized Hospitality team.